Digging Through The E-Crates Vol. 3


It’s that time of week again! We are back with our weekly feature ‘Digging Through The E-Crates,’ which features a small sample of music we get each and every week (please keep on sending music) that we don’t have a chance to feature individually on site. This week we have an artist (Mick Jenkins) that we’ve been following but have never gotten a chance to post their music and we an artist (Meg Meyers) that we love and always post. Besides music from Mick Jenkins and Meg Myers, we have tracks from AViVA, TRUE SCIENCE, Zola Blood, Work Drugs, Case Arnold and Joni in The Moon.

Stream the singles below.

Artist: Mick Jenkins
Hailing From: Chicago
Genre: Hip Hop

Artist: Meg Myers
Hailing From: Los Angeles
Genre: Rock

Artist: AViVA
Hailing From: Sydney
Genre: Space Pop

Artist: Work Drugs
Hailing From: Philadelphia
Genre: Sedative Wave, Smooth-fi

Artist: Zola Blood
Hailing From: London
Genre: Dream Pop

Hailing From: Perth
Genre: Indie Electronic

Artist: Case Arnold
Hailing From: Tennessee
Genre: Hip-Hop

Artist: Joni in The Moon
Hailing From: Perth
Genre: Alternative Pop