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Album Review: Aurora – All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend


Aurora – All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend
Glassnote Recordings

All the way from Norway, AURORA is making giant waves in the music industry. With her debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend, AURORA displays how her nineteen years of age underestimates all of the talent that is placed in this music collection. Even though AURORA began her career in music in 2012 and has placed music out since 2014, it seems that 2016 is her year to shine….

Let’s begin with the album artwork. Considering AURORA presents herself as a very artistic musician, the photography of her as a butterfly displays how she is beginning to flourish and has grown, progressed, and revived herself, either personally or as a musical artist. This shows her audience the amount of time was given to the thought process on how she’d want to present herself to the world, which gains much respect and appreciation.

With many songs running past four minutes, it shows how AURORA focuses on the intro and outros of each track. The seventeen- tracked album showcases this young artist’s Lana Del Rey- like vocal range, the emotions built into each melody, and her passion for music, as well. “Runaway”, being the first track, allows the listener to musically and melodically ease into the album. With the laidback beat, it allows AURORA more freedom to display a more dramatic approach with her vocals, considering subtle beat of the drum carries the track. She immediately presents her emotions in this track by singing, “Take me home where I belong; I can’t take it anymore”, in the chorus. The song progresses from the simple and subtle beats to a beautiful montage of instruments and sounds that are meant to harmonize with AURORA’s elegant tone.

The third track, “Running With The Wolves” has great potential of being a successful single, as the song not only begins with a catchy, upbeat melody, but also with the amazing vocal range AURORA presents in this track, especially at the chorus. To even present an artistic approach to the song, AURORA imitates the sound of wolves when singing, “I’m running with the wolves tonight, I’m running with the wolves”. This makes this amazing artist even more unique. “Winter Bird” also has great potential, as well for the same reasons as “Running With The Wolves”, due to the upbeat and the strong tones presented by AURORA.

“Warrior” brings much emotion through the lyrics from the first few seconds. AURORA sings, “I can’t recall the last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful”. Even in the ninth track called “Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1), AURORA begins with the verse, “He holds the gun to my head”. For this artist to be so raw with her feelings shows how serious she is about her career and how present she really is through her music. With that, AURORA gains a lot of respect from music fans. With all of the serious lyrics, this up- and- coming artist executes each syllable and word so beautifully to somewhat contradict the negative and dangerous connotations of each lyric.

AURORA ends the album with a remix of “Running With The Wolves”, but the tracks are concluded with a track called, “Wisdom Cries”, a song that consistently flows musically with the others of the album. However, AURORA continues the rawness of her sound as she hits a unique and raspy note when singing, “We gotta go back to the start/ Back ‘til we are back home”

It is jaw- dropping on how much talent AURORA displays at such a young age. She takes an artistic approach in now only the visuals of her career, such as her appearance, album artwork, and music videos, but the way she executes each verse of each track. With such focus on each aspect of her career like she is currently doing, there is no doubt that AURORA would be able to have a Grammy Award in her hands within the next five years. The hard work and passion is very obvious, which is very refreshing to the music industry and fans, as well. This young artist will go far. Her talent and skills were cut out for the industry, but her passion tops it all.

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