Album Review: dvsn – Sept 5th


dvsn – September 5th

Warner Bros. / Ovo Sound

dvsn is a duo from Canada that are introducing their R&B vibes to the world. This album does not fail to put the listener in the mood, if you know what I mean. With the sexy vibes and laidback melodies, dvsn is another act that will find nothing but success in the genre.

The album begins with a track called, “With Me”. This track definitely sets the consistent beat and tone to the collection. There is almost a Bryson Tiller vibe that is presented in each of the tracks because of the seduction aspect placed into the lyrics and sound.

The vibe of each track brings a relaxing and sexy feel, yet the emotion placed into the vocals really brings the lyrics to life. “Do it Well” not only displays to listeners the consistency of the vibe, but the emotion and rawness of the lyrics. This song introduces a cool beat from the first few seconds. Even though most of the words to every song is sexual, it still presents the struggles or occurrences that many experience in romantic relationships. The majority of listeners would be able to empathize with the experiences discussed in the songs, which brings another level of connection between the musician and their audience.

The album title, “Sept 5th” even makes this a bit more personal. When listening to each track, it’s almost like reading someone’s diary, which is very cool. It is clear that dvsn allows music to be their therapy and the audience be their therapist, which brings a unique interaction between the artist and their listeners. This vibe is not only therapeutic to those who can relate to the lyrics, but to those who just want to listen to a chill beat. This is definitely an album to listen to whether you want to let some upsetting feelings out or whether you want to set the mood your partner. Whichever experience you’re dealing with, just blast it.

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