Album Review: Snoh Aalegra – Don’t Explain EP


This Swedish idol, both beautiful and talented, is one of the best artists of 2016. If Duffy, Lana Del Rey, and Lauryn Hill had a baby, it would be Snoh Aalegra. With the first full listen of her new EP, Don’t Explain, she’ll become an obsession.

The album begins with one of the coolest intros of music history. The first track, “It’s Just a Fever”, gives a vintage and 1940’s black- and- white film sound, with a sweet, feminine voice speaking. “It’s just a fever, fever” Aalegra says. With a bit more dialogue, it then ends with the sweet sound of violins. This orchestra is then incorporated in almost every track of the EP, giving a unique feel to Aalegra’s music. The second track, “In Your River”, immediately displays this artist’s raspy and chill tone. Aalegra’s voice just glides within every second of each song, so in tune with the sexy vibes of the instrumental music.

Yes, Aalegra is similar to a female version of John Legend. From listening to the second track of the EP, it was clear that she will even be as successful as Legend. With the easy- going tunes and exceptional showcase of vocals, there is no doubt Aalegra will make a name for herself.

The good beats of vocals and the incorporation of both band and orchestra is superb. This EP presents such a sexual vibe that Aalegra’s talking voice is sexy. In “Charleville 9200”, Aalegra somewhat channels her inner- Lana Del Rey with the talking verses and high pitch, but also channels her inner R&B. With the first few seconds of “Don’t Explain”, the listener will immediately get chills. As the dramatic orchestra intros and the chill beat of the drum continues, Aalegra’s vocals are introduced in the most amazing way. The only comment after that track: Sing, girl, sing. “Home” is where this young artist displays her vulnerability stating, “as long as I got you, I’ve got a home”. “Under the Influence” is where Aalegra channels her inner- Duffy and Amy Winehouse. With the rasp and sense of authority in her voice, it is clear who her inspirations are. The outro, “All on Me” consistently continues that sound of 1940’s film, presenting the uniqueness of Aalegra as an artist. To make her even more unique, she chose the album artwork to be comic- book inspired.

The chill and sexy vibes say it all. Aalegra is the definition of music’s future. This EP deserves high-praise for being so over- the- top amazing. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

One of the best projects this year to date.

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