Ep Review: Disclosure – Moog For Love


Disclosure- Moog for Love

Island Records

The British duo, Disclosure, widely known most for their collaborations with insane vocalist, Sam Smith. However, they are not stopping there. Their EP, “Moog For Love”, was recently released and we can’t stop dancing.

The first track, “BOSS”, features a male vocalist with a great range. Let’s talk about Disclosure’s contribution to the track, though. It definitely has that city, house music vibe with the fast- paced beat, as it begins with that and consistently maintains that dance tune.

There are similarities in the next song, “Feel Like I Do”. Led by an Al Green sample, All you want to do is nod your head to the beat. Disclosure’s consistent beat, once again, really does not let the energy level down one bit. This track, like the many others of this duo, are very unique and recognizable. They easily compliment and adjust to the featured vocalists. In the final track of the trio named, “Moog For Love”, the beat continues to compliment those of the two previous songs. It almost seems like one is looking at an artwork consisting of three canvases, one each telling a story, but all having a similar theme and sense of unity. This last track maintains the dance vibe with the fast beat and included vocalist.

This project is very unique to other EPs, as Disclosure really took the time of attempting to establish a similar tone and beat to each song. The first and final tracks sort of play as an intro and outro with the second song not only continuing the story, but reestablishing the sound.

I would very well recommend this to all who want a great walk in the park on a sunny day, those who are in need of good tunes to listen to while getting ready to, or those who simply need to get dancing out of their system. Well done, Disclosure – a great example of how a trilogy is supposed to be; the duo really made their music into artwork this time, as always.

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