Album Review : Broods – Conscious


New Zealand is home to new stars, BROODS. The duo, Georgia and Caleb, have released their new album, Conscious, introducing new tunes to the world.
This album consists of so many different sounds, yet unites in a similar way. Lead singer, Georgia, is blessed with such a beautiful and dramatic tone that sweeps away the listener as each track plays on. “Free” is the opening track to the compilation. The soft sounds in Georgia’s vocals highlight the dancing beats. Listeners just want to nod their head to the edginess- definitely a great way to open up an album.

“Freak of Nature” is a track collaborated with singer, Tove Lo. With the similar tones in the singers’ voices, it allows a beautiful harmony to be born. The slow melody showcases Georgia’s high range and introduces great emotion to the album.

“Couldn’t Believe” is a track that opens with simple keys of a piano, yet transforms into a great song with a catchy beat. Along with the debut track to the album, “Free”, there is no doubt this song could be a great hit single.

As the album plays, there is a consistent beat and tone that is translated into each track. “Full Blown Love” sounds like a sister track to the previous one, “Couldn’t Believe”. It displays how much effort BROODs had put into composition, flow, and order.

Most tracks begin with a serious tone and beat, yet then mold into a dance song, such as “Recovery”. The concept is terrific because of providing the flow of beat and emotion for listeners.

This may be one of the best albums of the year, Georgia’s vocals compliment the instrumentals so well and allow the harmony of every little sound to flow and unite. Go search for this album and dance your heart out.

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