Netflix’s Stranger Things Soundtrack is coming soon

Stranger Things Nexflix SoundtrackSummer TV used to be a joke only a decade ago. Fast forward to 2016 we have shows like Mr. Robot, Preacher, The Night of, and Netflix’s “Stranger Things” that are changing the landscape of (summer) TV. The show is basically the perfect blend of The Goonies, E.T., The Lost Boys and any ’80s sci-fi and/or thriller you can think of.

Besides being an amazing show, one thing that everyone is talking about is the Stranger Things: the soundtrack. Scored by Austin duo, S U R V I V E, Stranger Things is an unbelievable collection of engrossing synthesizer sets that add to the show’s suspense.

Earlier this week, Stranger Things’ Facebook page and Twitter account announced that the soundtrack would soon be made available, but their is no set date. While we wait, you can check out S U R V I V E’s track below. S U R V I V E’s  new album, RR7349, drops September 30th via Relapse Records.

There is also a spotify playlist for Stranger Thing’s which you can stream in the mean time.

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