Pretty Sister & Dragonette Ft. Tobtok – Galactic Appeal

Summer is still in full swing anytime we hear Pretty Sister. Rays of light and warmth come through the speakers when these guys are streaming at the Cafe. Today we have their latest tune, Galactic Appeal featuring Toronto electronic trio Dragonette and producer Tobtok.

Pretty Sister and Dragonette spoke with Billboard and had this to say about the project;

“The term ‘galactic appeal’ popped into my head on the same day I met Pretty Sister in a studio in L.A.,” Dragonette said. “The song (and the term) is about recognizing how extremely lucky and exciting it is to get to be alive for this blink of time on the planet. There’s nowhere else in the galaxy I’d rather be.”

“Galactic Appeal” encapsulates that feeling of a perfect buzz,” adds Pretty Sister. “When you feel like you and your friends must be the coolest people in the whole universe.”

Stream the song above or watch the video below.