Watch: Liz Loughrey – Rise Up!

Liz Loughrey releases Rise Up!Toronto-based Soul/Pop artist Liz Loughrey drops an inspiring visual for her new single ‘Rise Up’.

Written and produced in Miami by Liz Loughrey, Adrian X (The Weeknd, Drake, Kylie Minogue) and Supa Dups (Drake, Party Next Door, Mary J Blige) Rise Up! is a
catchy and refreshing song which stands for positive change. Rise Up! is a song that should be played everyday. On your way to work, on you way to a date, on
your way to a workout. It just helps put things in perspective. We are on this earth and a lot of us are wasting time. Liz hit it out the park with “Do you
really want to live before you die?” It’s time for us to ‘take less and give a little more.’

Liz Loughrey adds ‘Rise Up! is more than a song, it’s a movement. The #RiseUpMovement is all about telling the stories of people who are positively impacting
the world and encouraging people of all ages and walks of life to Rise Up in their communities

When you going to rise up?