Fresh Faces 2017 Music

Stream Russ’ debut album ‘There’s Really A Wolf’

Mr I do it myself aka Russ has been on a tear over the past year. This guy might be the reason why Soundcloud is still around. After garnering millions of streams, Russ as released his debut album,
There’s Really A Wolf. It consists of 20 tracks and clocks in at over an hour in listening time. Similar to all his previous releases, the album was solely written, produced, recorded, and engineered by Russ himself. Stream one of our fresh faces of 2017’s debut album “There’s Really A Wolf” below.

Russ – There’s Really A Wolf Tracklist:

1. I’m Here
2. The Stakeout
3. Act Now
4. Cherry Hill
5. Me You
6. Ride Slow
7. Don’t Lie
8. Do It Myself
9. I Wanna Go Down With You
10. Family & Friends
11. What They Want
12. Got This
13. No Turning Back
14. Losin Control
15. Scared
16. Back To You
17. One More Shot
18. Emergency
19. Pull The Trigger
20. MVP