Stream: Boy Days – In My Ways (Ep)


London based three-membered Boy Days has made small bands lovely again. Having found a way to mix alternative pop with the kind of soul and blues belonging to past decades, their new debut EP, In My Ways, is as stylistic as it is essential to summer soundtracks. Under three debut singles on the In My Ways EP, you can rediscover the sentimental warmth of radio sound in today’s newest lo-fi trend.

Their first single, “In My Ways”, features an ageless reminiscence of former youth and distorted vocals that remind the listener of old soul rock. The guitar and synth on the track seems to have one foot in nostalgic decadence and another in the contemporary movement of blues.

With three tracks, Boy Days prove they know how to adapt to different sounds. Most especially, “Will You Still?” acts as a ballad anthem of love at its highest uncertainty: “Will you send all the waves come crashing down when you know?”. The band is strongest when they let their instruments flare in style and “A Kind Of You” can’t help but make you sway back and forth, back and forth.

Influenced by the classics of gospel organ and melodic falsetto. Listen to their new debut EP, In My Ways, in its entirety below.