Stream: Kinder – Heartless

Under the moniker of KINDER, singer-songwriter Leo Wyatt has released the second single, “Heartless,” off his upcoming sophomore EP, Feeling Gets Too Heavy. Based in London, KINDER is Wyatt’s evolution of songwriting experience, first stemming from acoustic and piano compositions, to his contemporary productions of multi-layered sounds. “Heartless,” a song about the apathies of modern society and lifestyles, plays on Wyatt’s cynicism in an unexpected mix with upbeat soul-pop. According to Wyatt, “Heartless” is about the inherent way modern people “just watch bad things happen and then wonder why they don’t get better.” Although KINDER is a new project, Wyatt has been around producing songs for a long time, and is excited to bring his own creative addition to both the London and international music scenes. Stream the newest single “Heartless” by KINDER below.