Watch: King Krule – Czech One


English singer-songwriter King Krule is finally releasing new material after his 2013 debut 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. Under his stage moniker, Archy Ivan Marshall has made a name for himself as one of his generation’s shockingly impressive musicians. Although he released 2015’s A New Place 2 Drown under his real name, the new tracks feature the return of the notorious King Krule. Blending jazz, hip hop, and rock, Marshall’s expected upcoming album is being released with artful patience and high anticipation from fans. His newest single, “Czech One,” is a beautiful ballad that has been paired with an equally graceful visual. He sings, “She asked me why I’m here, but I come here every night” from the seat of an artificial airplane window seat. The 23-year-old artist is seen with a left eyepatch, smoking cigarettes fed to him by a woman, and walking through the streets of a city wearing an oversized brown suit. Like the song, the video for “Czech One” boasts King Krule’s iconic dark and enigmatic style. While no album has been exclusively announced, it seems like the Pimp Shrimp is nearly ready with a new project, soon to be another classic.