Siobhan Sainte releases her single ‘Midnight’

Siobhan Sainte

New Zealand artist Siobhan Sainte (pronounced shiv-ON) emerged this year with her track “Burn It Down,” an intimate, bass-heavy affair that showcased her indulgent vocals. She is back with her new single midnight, which could be best described as “…a dark/sexy/dangerous/bass-fueled affair…” We would have to agree 100%, this feels like something that music supervisors should be putting on their shows and something blasting from your headphones. Check out ‘Midnight’ below and what Siobhan had to say about the single.

“I feel Midnight as this fueled experience… a chance to get out of yourself, out of your skin and be something raw and untamed. The song welcomes the unconventional and gives the opportunity to remove conventions that are always chasing you. Make sure you watch your back on the way to the hills. – Siobhan Sainte