Watch: King Krule – Dum Surfer

The king of dark jazz is back, and he’s finally announced the name of his next album: The Ooz. “Dum Surfer,” the new single from King Krule, (a.k.a. Archy Marshall, Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports, Pimp Shrimp, and more) is unsurprisingly gritty, villainous, and beastly. Its paired music video presents a King Krule concert consisting solely of the undead, including both onstage and in the audience. Decked out in zombie makeup and the video quality of a VCR player, “Dum Surfer” pushes a pale-faced Archy in blue singing about a car crash with a woman and being “mashed.” Lacking none of the strange peculiarity expected of King Krule, “Dum Surfer” sees Archy back in an element of bleak jazz and overall style, and as always, Archy is well received by loyal fans. Watch the music visual for “Dum Surfer” by King Krule below. Archy Marshall’s third studio album The Ooz is set to be released on October 13.