Stream Mabel’s surprise debut mixtape ‘Ivy To Roses’

Mabel mixtape Ivy to Roses
This past Friday, Mabel released her surprise debut mixtape, Ivy To Roses, which is introduced by new track ‘Begging.’ Ivy To Roses also features breakout single ‘Finders Keepers’, which has become one of the standouts, slow-burning anthems of 2017 (currently climbing the UK Top 20, playlisted across the likes of Radio 1, Capital, 1Xtra, and has surpassed 12 million streams).

“‘Ivy to Roses’, says Mabel, “is another piece of the puzzle. It’s collection of songs that I love and want the world to hear right now. This is only the beginning of my journey but I want people to feel part of the evolution of my music, which is why I’m putting another project out now.”

The mark of a young artist truly hitting her stride, Ivy To Roses is a striking statement of intent from Mabel. Here is a cohesive, expertly-crafted collection of songs that explore control in modern relationships (the power-play of ‘Come Over’, the feminine independence of ‘Low Key’) and those moments when you lose it (the raw vulnerability of ‘Roses’, or the dancehall-inspired frustration of ‘Begging’). Mabel’s debut mixtape is ultimately about growing up, and into your own skin: the beautiful, piano-led ‘Ivy’ pays tribute to those family and friends who you take into the next chapter of your life, as well as the actual ivy which Mabel found growing in her bedroom and continues to flourish (no matter how many times it’s cut back).

Stream the mixtape below via Spotify (and links to other platforms).

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