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Video: Miguel – Told You So

From the modern descendent of Prince, Miguel’s newest single “Told You So” has the catchy aesthetic of a dance anthem and pop importance. The single also comes with the announcement of his new upcoming album, War & Leisure, expected to drop on December 1. In addition to “Told You So,” Miguel has also released two previous tracks titled “Shockandawe” and “Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott).” With “Told You So,” it seems Miguel is heading in all different directions with the anticipated album. The new single’s accommodating music video features the dancing prince announcing, “I got plans, I got plans for you,” hinting at even more exciting projects in the works. The visual is also chopped up with scattered clips of police brutality, childhood videos, and Martin Luther King Jr.—all ending with a boosted explosion. Whatever Miguel is getting up to, we know it’s going to be big. Watch the video for “Told You So” below.